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Golden Retriever Breed Info – What You Must Know!

It’s hard to imagine anybody looking at a Golden Retriever and not falling in love! It’s for this reason that retrievers consistently rank among the top dog breeds in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. However, many well-meaning people adopt these beautiful dogs without fully understanding the responsibility of caring for such a breed. So today, we’ll give you all the golden retriever breed info you’ll need!

Snapshot Characteristics

Weight65 – 75lbs55 – 65lbs
Height24 inches22 inches
Lifespan10-13 years10-13 years
CoatGolden, Medium, straightGolden, Medium, straight
Golden Retriever Breed Info

This breed is a medium size, muscular dog with a dense, golden coat. Golden retrievers have floppy ears and large eyes. First bred for retrieving (Duh!), they have an abundance of energy and do not tire easily.

golden retriever breed info

Temperament of a Golden Retriever

With retrievers, you can find a great give and take relationship in their personality. They are energetic, but also gentle and don’t have many problems being too rambunctious. Golden retrievers are incredibly loyal dogs. They are also considered one of the more intelligent dog breeds. Because of this, they are easily trained and taught tricks. This is a dog full of love and wonder, and will have no problem returning the love you give them.

Why People Love Retrievers

For many golden retrievers, the reputation of the breed proceeds them. They have a reputation for being even-tempered, playful, and energetic but gentle, and they certainly live up to this reputation! Golden retrievers are incredibly loyal dogs that respond well to commands and training, which is why many service dogs are golden retrievers. A golden retriever will happy accept love and affection from almost anybody, which is why they have a good reputation as a family dog. of a Golden Retriever

golden retriever breed info

Needs of a Golden Retriever

By and large, the breed itself does not have many drawbacks. However, that certainly does not mean that retrievers are for everybody. They are an active breed that requires plenty of physical exercise and attention. At least 40 minutes per day of exercise is required for a golden retriever. If you do not have a way for your retriever to work off their energy, then this may not be the dog for you. Without proper exercise, this breed can become bored or even depressed. They are quite active, and enjoy fetch, running, and even swimming! In addition, retrievers are an average shedding dog, so weekly grooming is a must.

A Social Breed

In addition to the physical needs, golden retrievers also need plenty of human connection. They are big balls of love and aren’t afraid to show it! They will routinely want to be around their owners, preferably getting petted. This is a devoted dog that will care a lot about their relationship to you. Without regular affection, retrievers can become depressed.

Golden Retriever Nutrition

Golden retrievers are both an active and muscular dog. Because of this, their nutrition will be very important to their happiness. It’s important to find dog food that has high quality ingredients, lists meat as the first ingredient, and has a good amount of protein. Without proper nutrition, this breed can easily become depressed. You will also want to watch your retriever’s food intake to ensure they do not become obese, as this breed is prone to overeating.


So, now that you have a bit of specific golden retriever breed info, let’s look at specific questions about the breed. These questions will be very specific, and may not apply to you in your situation. However, it is important to get a full picture of what a golden retriever is like. Even though you may not have kids, knowing that golden retrievers are great with kids gives you a better insight into how kind and gentle the breed is overall.

As always, if you do not see your specific question answered below, please leave a comment or contact us, and we will be happy to address your needs.

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Other Dogs?

Golden retrievers are gentle and intelligent dogs. Because of this, they tend to get along well with other dogs, or even cats. They are intelligent enough to understand their own strength and gentle enough to not accidentally hurt other pets. An even-tempered dog, retrievers tend not to get in fights when they are provoked, unless they feel threatened.

Are They Only Golden?

They are typically some degree of golden. While the breed standard has a dense, golden coat, some dogs can certainly deviate from the trademark gold. This would include dogs that have a red or strawberry blond streak, or those that are more of a dull brown than gold. This typically isn’t a dramatic shift, but there are certainly differences between the coats of all retrievers.

Do Golden Retrievers Stink?

This breed is, in fact, notorious for having that “Dog smell”. Because their fur is so dense and feathery, the tend to hold onto sweat, dirt, and odors more easily than other dogs. Regular baths and grooming can prevent your retriever from stinking too much. However, if you have large amounts of carpeting, the dog smell can rub off into your home.

How often do Golden Retrievers Bark?

This can vary depending on your specific dog and its own personality. For the most park, retrievers are not know to bark excessively. Instead, they are pretty average when it comes to barking. This breed aims to please its owners, and so can easily be trained to not bark at things that they would otherwise bark at. If a retriever does start barking, they can usually be quieted by the presence of their owner.

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Kids?

Just like other dogs, retrievers are great with kids as well! Just like in Hallmark movies, this breed makes a perfect family dog due to their gentle nature and mild temper. Retrievers are able to tolerate children even if their ears or fur is pulled. They are a loving dog that would rather run away than to attack people.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

This breed is typically not considered a guard dog. Simply put, they are not well-suited for the job. Retrievers tend to trust most people and rarely become aggressive, even to strangers. Their gentle, loving demeanor is their signature trait, but unfortunately, this makes them bad guard dogs.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Alone Time?

This is another question that will vary depending on the nature of your specific dog. Generally, retrievers are very social, and prefer to be around people, even if they just lay at your feet. If your retriever does feel the need to be alone, it will be obvious as they will usually be right beside you. If they leave the room, it’s important to give them their space. They will surely come back to you before long!

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

Prices vary widely for golden retriever puppies, and can range from $500 – $1,800. Factors such as pedigree, type of breeder, and lineage will influence the price of your puppy. When looking for your pup, make sure the breeder you buy from is reputable and that your puppy is up-to-date on its shots. Only buy from breeders that you know provide healthy, happy puppies. Generally, if you see a golden retriever puppy for less than $500, it should be a sign to carefully evaluate the breeder and the puppy for sale.

Can They Learn Tricks?

Golden Retrievers are one of the easiest dogs to teach tricks to and to obedience train. Because they are loyal to their owners, they often have no problem performing tricks once they understand what their owner wants. When you mix this in with the breed’s above-average intelligence, you get a dog that is very willing to perform tricks!

What is the Best Age to Spay/Neuter

This is actually not a simple question to answer. Breeders, vets, and owners have different opinions of the best age to spay/neuter your golden retriever. In addition, new research is being done that shows the old standard might not be so reliable after all.

If you would like to read more, I’ve included my articles on spaying and neutering golden retrievers: The best age to spay a female golden retriever

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Strangers?

Golden retrievers have been specifically bred to be a companion to humans. Because of this, they’re generally trusting of people, even strangers. This breed typically does not mind being petted or played with by strangers. It’s rare for a golden retriever to be aggressive towards people, unless they have a specific reason to be.

Should I Buy a Retriever From a Pet Store?

No. By and large, pet stores do not provide high quality dogs for sale. This goes back to the earlier question about retriever puppy prices. Pet stores cannot sell their retriever puppies at a high enough price to ensure that the dog has been kept healthy and happy while its growing up. Because of this, dogs at pet stores don’t get the same level of care and attention as one bough directly from a breeder, which will affect their personality and health for the rest of their life. Instead, you should be diligent about researching a breeder. Only buy from a breeder that has a good reputation for breeding happy and healthy pups.

Tips To Finding a Breeder

At first, it may seem impossible to distinguish between a good breeder and one that simply acts good. However, there are a few questions you can ask to weed out a bad breeder. Before you even discuss prices, ask to see verification papers that the puppy is up-to-date on its shots. You should also ask to see the entire liter as well as their living conditions, even if you won’t be able to make the trip for a few days. A bad breeder will often come up with an excuse as to why they cannot show you how their pups are living. If a breeder is completely open to you making a visit, then chances are they aren’t hiding anything about the way they treat their pups.

Does This Information Apply to Cross-Breeds?

Some of this information will apply to golden retriever cross-breeds, but of course, only half of it. In most cross-breeds, you will certainly be able to pick up on the personality of a golden retriever, but remember, that’s only half of that breed’s personality. You should always do diligent research on the breed that your retriever is crossed with. When retrievers are bred with certain other breeds, they will take on more of the personality of the other breed than the retriever, and sometimes the cross-breed will be more retriever-dominate. My advice is always to know everything about the breed you specifically want, and to know exactly what type of dog you’re trying to adopt.

So, Should You Get A Golden Retriever?

If you are somebody who has the ability to care for a golden retriever, then this is the perfect dog! They are one of the most loving, intelligent, and devoted breed out there. So, they have an unmatched personality with a great give-and-take. They will love their owners (Or your friends, or your other pets, or your children) unconditionally and will accept as much love as you can give them. A perfect family dog, golden retrievers are one of the best dog breeds out there!

So there you have it, your one-stop-shop for golden retriever breed info! If you have any specific questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will happily edit this post to include them.

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