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Golden Retriever Nutrition: The 5 Best Dog Food Brands For Retrievers!

Golden Retrievers are a large breed with plenty of love and energy! Because of this, it’s important to feed your retriever a high-quality dog food. The AKC  recommends retrievers are fed high-quality dog food for the entirely of their lives. Not only does quality food improve the health of your golden, it will affect their entire personality! You will find your retriever is more happy and playful when their nutrition is on point.

Below are the top four best dog food brands for retrievers! Later on, we’ll take a much closer look at these brands, as well as mention brands for special conditions (Dry skin, sensitive stomach, and more!)


⭐ Our Winner

golden retriever nutrition best food

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golden retriever nutrition best food

❤️ Best Overall

best overall food for golden retrievers

💵 Best Value

golden retriever best food

What To Look For in High Quality Golden Retriever Food

At the end of the day, your golden retriever’s food is going to play the biggest role in their health. So, it’s important to get it right! A high-quality dog food should include most, if not all, of the nutrients your dog needs. For golden retrievers, this includes:

  1. High protein. Golden retrievers were bred as working dogs, so their bodies require a high amount of protein in order to stay healthy.
  2. Calcium, phosphorous, and omega fatty acids. Goldens are prone to bone, joint, and muscle problems. Because of this, you will want to make sure your dog food includes these vitamins to help with the proper development of these parts of your retriever’s body.
  3. No grain/Filler products. Cheap dog food will include large amount of grain or rice, which do not provide nutrients for your retriever. Instead, look for dog food that is heavy in meat and fish – Things that your retriever does need!

Remember, not all dog food is created the same. The best food for retrievers should include all three of the things mentioned above. If your dog food brand does not include these things, it is a good idea to switch brands to improve your retriever’s health and quality of life.

Why You Should Switch Your Retriever’s Dog Food

As mentioned above, the food you feed your retriever is going to play the biggest role in their overall health. While it is okay to feed your retriever a lower-quality dog food in the short-term, you will start to notice the effects in your retriever’s health as they age. A healthy dog food brand has many benefits for your retriever, including:

  1. Reduced risk of Hip dyspepsia (Which is common in large-breed dogs)
  2. Lower risk of cancer
  3. Helping to maintain a healthy weight
  4. Helps to fight depression & general fatigue
  5. Increased energy levels
  6. Lower risk of heart disease
  7. Less gas passed by your Retriever

Essentially, a quality dog food brand will improve your retriever’s overall quality of life. Not only will you see major changes in their health, but also in their attitude and happiness. Just like humans, dogs are not as happy when they do not feel well. Because of this, a quality dog food brand goes much further than just keeping your dog healthy – It has the ability to actually change their life.

⭐ Our Winner

Golden retriever nutrition best food
Key Features of this brand
  1. Specifically tailored to Golden Retrievers, and includes 100% of the nutrients your retriever needs.
  2. Specially designed kibble made for a retriever’s straight muzzle, which makes it easy to chew.
  3. Contains added taurine, EPA, and DHA, which supports a healthy heart.
  4. Has specifically tailored the carb, fat, and protein levels to help your golden retriever maintain an ideal weight.
  5. Has loads of added vitamins which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

🏃Runner Up

golden retriever nutrition best food
Key Features:
  1. High protein content + added probiotics promote easy digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as regular bowel movements.
  2. Added vitamins, including calcium and phosphorous, promote healthy joints, and can help protect your retriever against hip dysplasia.
  3. Has added taurine and omega fatty acids, which promote heart health.
  4. Uses select, organic ingredients for the best flavor and highest nutrition.

💵 Best Value

golden retriever best food
Key features
  1. Contains 29% protein, 15% fat, 483 kcal/Cup.
  2. High-protein recipe supports active golden retrievers.
  3. Contains Trumune, a natural yeast that has been proven to reduce stress and inflammation.
  4. Contains no peas or legumes, both of which can cause digestive issues in your retriever.
  5. Includes pumpkin to help regulate bowel movements.
  6. High-calorie serving sizes help keep your retriever satisfied in between meals.

❤️ Best Overall

best overall food for golden retrievers
Key Features:
  1. 30% protein, 20% fats, and 50% carbs to promote lean muscle growth.
  2. Chicken is listed as the first ingredient.
  3. Has added amino acids to promote healthy muscles and joints.
  4. Contains glucosamine, a compound that helps keep your retriever’s bones and joints strong.
  5. Helps your retriever break down oxygen, which leads to healthier cells.

Sensitive Stomach Solution

best overall dog food for golden retriever
Key Features:
  1. Grain-free recipe eliminates allergens that may cause your retriever’s sensitive stomach.
  2. Contains high-protein to promote regular, solid bowel movements.
  3. Added probiotics and fiber help your retriever to fully digest the food.
  4. Simple ingredient list (Which is primarily meat) helps to prevent upset stomachs or vommiting.

Bad Breath Protection

golden retriever dog food nutrition
Key Features:
  1. Number one veterinarian recommended brand to deal with bad breath.
  2. Specially designed kibble helps to reduce plaque and tarter buildup.
  3. Added vitamins, including omega 3s and Vitamin B, help to promote a healthy skin and coat.
  4. Interlocked kibble allows for kibble to scrape leftovers off of your retriever’s teeth.

Golden Retriever Nutrition: Puppies & Adults

Over time, the role of nutritious food will change. Obviously, a golden retriever’s body as a puppy and as an adult are very different, and it’s important to adjust their food accordingly. While feeding the best food for retrievers is the most important thing, there are other factors that will influence your retriever’s health. For example, the amount of calories your retriever needs will change several times depending on what stage of life they’re in. With this in mind, you can make sure you are handling their food needs appropriately, and make sure not to over or under feed your retriever.

Golden Retriever Puppy Nutrition

As a puppy, your golden retriever’s body is growing rapidly. Because of this, you will want to make sure your retriever is getting plenty of vitamins and minerals that support their growth. Calcium, phosphorous, protein, and amino acids are all very important for a growing retriever. These things are necessary for your retriever to develop their bones and muscles, which will grow quickly! Without proper bone and muscle development, retrievers are prone to conditions such as hip dysplasia. In addition, the timing of your feeding will play a major role in their development, so you should consider a golden retriever puppy feeding schedule

Golden Retriever Adult Nutrition

Once your retriever has reached adulthood (around 15 months – 24 months old), they will have another shift in their nutritional needs. By this time, you should be looking for a dog food brand that provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals to keep your retriever healthy. This includes a wide range of whole ingredients, as well as brands that have added vitamins and probiotics. At adulthood, your retriever will not need as much support for their bones and muscles, as they have already developed.

Golden Retriever Senior Nutrition

As your retriever gets to 8 years old and above, they will experience their last change in nutrition. While it is still important to include a wide range of nutrients for your dog, there are certain things that you will need to pay attention to. First, your retriever’s metabolism will start to slow down. This means you will not need to feed your retriever as much, nor should you feel them a very high protein diet. Instead, focus on moderate protein levels with minimal fats. Lastly, it will again be important that your retriever has calcium, phosphorous, and amino acids to support their aging bones and muscles.

What is the best food for retrievers?

At the end of the day, the best food for retrievers is going to depend on your specific situation. Factors such as activity level, stage of life, and special conditions will all play a role on your final decision. The most important thing is that you choose a high-quality dog food that will provide your retriever with the nutrients they need. By doing this, you can ensure that your retriever will stay happy, healthy, and energetic!

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