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How To Potty Train A Husky Puppy: A Complete Guide!

So, you just adopted a Husky puppy –  A beautiful, smart, responsive, energetic breed! You cannot help but smile every time you see your Husky. However, this is just one side of the picture. The other side, of course, is stumbling upon the awful smell of an accident, or much worse, standing in the middle of the accident. That is not your Husky’s fault, of course, they’re just a puppy!. However, you should tackle this issue head-on and potty train them properly. If you’re new to owning a Husky, you may not know exactly where to start. So today, let’s learn how to potty train a Husky puppy!

How To Potty Train A Husky Puppy

Many people believe that it is quite difficult to potty train a Husky puppy. However, odds are that these people are simply not going about their potty training the right away! Huskies are an intelligent and loyal dog breed, which means that they are happy to please their owners. At the end of the day, potty training a Husky comes down to using a scientifically-proven strategy to teach your Husky what you expect from them.

how to potty train a husky puppy

Know your husky potty training times

Puppies, just like babies, seem to go to potty much more often than adult dogs will. However, if you start to pay attention to when your Husky is going potty, you will start to notice a pattern.

For example, your Husky will be more likely to want to go fifteen to thirty minutes after eating. In addition, your Husky is more likely to go to the bathroom right after a good workout or a run. Both of these things trigger your Husky’s need to go potty, and can be good cues to use when potty training a Husky puppy.

After you identify your Husky puppy’s particular pattern, it will be easier to make sure they are taken care of, which will reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Once you have a pattern, you can prompt your puppy to use the bathroom outside, or in a specific place in the house. If your Husky always seems to potty shortly after eating, you can take them to their potty area after they eat so that they may do their business. Overtime, your Husky will start to learn that they are meant to potty at certain times.

Set a specific schedule 

Most dogs have a specific routine, whether you have enforced it or not, it is possible that your Husky follows a pattern instinctively. This is a thing that almost every dog does on its own, so using this to your benefit can be a great idea. Ideally, you will help your Husky puppy to establish a schedule that matches up with your own. This way, you will be able to help them learn when and where to go potty.

For example:

  • If you normally get up at 8 am, go for a walk, and work from 9 to 5, the same time blocks can be used for your Husky’s needs.
  • You can take him outside when you get up. Running is not suggested for the pups younger than eight months, but you can take adult dogs with you, it is highly expected that they will need to go at that time.
  • You can repeat the same process at night too.

Realistically, there is no exact time in which a Husky will need to go potty. Instead, focus on keeping your Husky’s potty training schedule consistent. As long as you put them in their designated potty area around the same time everyday, they will learn to go at that specific time.

Choose a specific place for Husky potty training

If you’re having trouble learning how to potty train a Husky puppy, odds are you have not reenforced patterns enough with your Husky. Basically, the more cues you can give them to let them know it is time to potty, the better. So, if you let them potty in the same place and at the same times every single day, they will soon associate that time and that place with pottying.

Ideally, this place should be quiet and free from other distractions. Especially in the beginning, your Husky can be relatively sensitive, so you should make this space as comfortable to your Husky as possible.

Your Husky potty training process should look something like this:

  • Take your Husky directly to a designated place when you take your Husky outside to potty. Having a specified area to potty in allows your Husky to realize what they needs to do.  
  • Do not disturb your Husky while they are relieving themselves or they may become startled and avoid what they are supposed to do.
  • Once your Husky goes potty in this designated area, give them a treat and immediately praise them to let them know that they did a good thing.
  • Then, bring your Husky back inside to teach him that his purpose of being outside is accomplished.

Pro tips: If you both have been out for more than ten minutes, and your Husky has not relieved themselves yet, take them back inside, and in another five minutes, try again. Coming inside and going back outside is better than staying out for a long time. Puppies have relatively short periods of attention and can forget the purpose of going outside.

If your dog is having difficulty figuring out the concept of the designated potty zone, try seeding the place with his waste to make him understand what he should do. If you use a pee pad, consider putting a soiled pad in the specified elimination area to assist your Husky’s perception of what is expected of them.

When you take him out, cue your dog to extract him on order. Choose any word, you like and use it consistently. For example, you can use words like pee or poop to command your Husky.

how to potty train a husky puppy

Tackling Nighttime Husky Potty Training

For most people, nighttime potty training will be the hardest part of this process. You should be ready to bring him out at least one time at night.

To prevent frequent pottying at night, make sure that your Husky pees and poops outside after his last feed of the day. In addition, be sure to give your Husky the opportunity to potty right before you go to bed.

up or after four hours nap. You can then sleep peacefully.   

If you do not mind doing it, a perfect idea is to wake up earlier than normal and take him outside. 

During the first week create his sleeping area near the bed, so if he gets up, you can hear him.  A semi-opened door of his sleeping room (crate) that makes noise can do wonders.  So, when you ensure that he makes any sounds, get up and guide him to go potty spot.

By following these steps, you will have to wake up just one time in a night this way. It is tough, but luckily it will not last forever. As your Husky grows up, he will be able to hold it until you wake up. As mentioned earlier, puppies will have to potty more than adults.

Dealing with the OCCASIONAL accident

While you are potty training your Husky, there will certainly be accidents, particularly within the first weeks. Do not yell at your Husky or show signs of anger or excitement if an accident occurs. Your Husky is trying new things and the process will be affected by negative attitudes.    

When an accident happens:

  • Use paper towels, to clean as much of the waste as possible and get rid of them.
  • Spray the area thoroughly or put some advanced dog mess cleaner or a surface cleaning solution abundantly on the spot, let it absorb for a few seconds to one minute.
  • Wipe the excess liquid and let it dry naturally.
  • Make a solution of vinegar and cleaning liquid and spray it on that specific area. At this point, Vinegar will prevent him from attempting to extract on the same spot again.

When an accident occurs, cleaning the area quickly and fully is vital to making sure your Husky does not use that area to potty again. If your Husky can smell their pee in a specific area, they will start to associate that spot with going potty.

Husky Potty Training Conclusion

At the end of the day, potty training your Husky comes down to two things: Patience and persistence! It’s important to remember that your Husky is learning a completely new concept and it will take time for them to learn what is expected of them. As an owner, you can help them to figure this out using the various methods discussed above. However, there are really no short cuts to Husky potty training: It will simply take time.

how to potty train a husky puppy


How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Husky?

In general, potty training a Husky can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks, depending on several different factors. As mentioned earlier, Huskies are an intelligent dog breed, so they should be able to understand the concept of potty training fairly quickly. At the end of the day, the more consistent you are with your Husky potty training, the quicker your puppy will be potty trained.

How Do You Potty Train A Stubborn Husky?

If you believe your Husky is too stubborn to potty train, you may want to reevaluate your own strategy before deciding your Husky is too stubborn. While it is not impossible that your Husky is difficult to train, more often than not, owners simply go about potty training in the wrong ways. Remember, your Husky is still young and trying to understand what you expect from them. While it seems simple for humans, it can be very confusing for a Husky, whose instinct is to simply pee whenever and whereever the have to go.

Are Huskies Hard To Potty Train?

The short answer is no – However, there are several factors to consider here. First, you should know that larger, more intelligent dog breeds will almost always be easier to potty train than smaller, less intelligent breeds. Relatively speaking, a Husky is easier to potty train than these smaller breeds. However, much of the potty training process will revolve around your specific Husky and their specific needs, so it is difficult to speak for the breed as a whole.

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