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How To Train A Husky: A Total Guide!

The Siberian husky belongs to a unique breed of dogs and is spotted very easily due to its distinctive thick fur, triangular ears and striking colored eyes. As a Husky owner, however, you know one thing for sure: Huskies love their independence! This fact can make it difficult to properly train a Husky, but it does not make it impossible. In most cases, owners simply have to adjust their approach to training to match a Husky’s personality. So today, let’s discuss how to train a Husky!

The basics of how to train a husky

Before you start to train your Husky, there is something you should keep in mind. You should know that training a Husky is not always a simple, linear process. Essentially, your Husky will slowly get better overtime. During the early weeks of training, your Husky will not always listen to you or do what you want them to. Remember, Huskies can be a stubborn breed, and so training them will require patience.

The key to properly training a Husky comes down to consistency. If you stick to a training plan, your Husky will eventually learn what is expected of them. However, if you get too frustrated or think your Husky “Cannot be trained”, you will not be able to train them.

how to train a husky

Tips to train a husky

Remember the power of patience

When training a Husky, it’s important to remember that you must be patient for training to work. After all, you are trying to teach your Husky something that is completely new to them. It is going to take time for your Husky to learn what is expected of them, and you simply will not complete the training process without patience.

Consistency Is The Key To Train A Husky  

By and large, consistency is going to be the most important factor when it comes to training. Your Husky must know that when they do something specific, they get a specific response out of their owner. As this happens time and time again, they will eventually learn what is expected out of them. For example, if every time your Husky uses the bathroom in the house they get put outside, they will start to learn that they are supposed to potty outside. By not being consistent, your Husky may get confused, or even worse, may think that they can get away with bad behavior.

Training Is NOT About Punishment

If your Husky is doing something bad, it is a very natural response for you to get angry with them. However, this will not do you or your Husky any good, and it will often hurt the relationship that you two have. At the end of the day, Huskies are a loyal breed that are eager to please their owners. Bad behavior, then, is simply the result of them not understanding what is expected of them. Often times, a stern “No” or “Bad boy” is enough to let them know they’re doing something bad.

Reenforce Behavior The Minute It Happens

After your Husky does something, good or bad, owners have a small window in which to reenforce this behavior. Huskies have a short attention span, especially when compared to other breeds. If you wait more than a couple minutes to reenforce certain behaviors, your Husky may not understand why they are receiving the reenforcement. While this is not only confusing for your Husky, it can also lead to them associating your reenforcement with a completely different behavior.

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Simple Techniques to train a husky

At the end of the day, training a Husky simply comes down to being able to communicate to your Husky what it is you want them to do. Unfortunately, you cannot just tell them what is expected of them! Because of this, you will need to use various reinforcement methods to help them learn. Below, we will discuss various methods that can be used for any type of Husky training.


Treat training is of the most basic training methods an owner will go to after adopting a Husky. Huskies are quick to learn and rewarding them with a treat is a simple way to communicate to them that they have done something right. You should start with very simple commands, even simply teaching your Husky to sit is a good start. When learning how to train a Husky, the first step is to teach your Husky that they get treats when they listen to you.

Every time your Husky follows the word and sits, give them a treat. This could be done with other actions like running or fetching etc. When giving a command, it’s important to use the same word for the same action. So, you can tell your Husky “Sit!”, and when they sit, give them a treat. Over time, they will start to recognize what “Sit” means, and be able to do it without needing a treat.


Once you have established a command word with your Husky, and they know that doing that action gets them a treat, you can move onto the lure-rewarding technique. Here, your Husky is lured into doing a specific task or listening to the owner. A treat is shown at first and then the dog is asked to do something like fetching a ball. The minute the ball is fetched the treat is given to the husky. This technique can also be used if your Husky is being too rambunctious and you need to calm them down.

By showing them the treat first, your Husky will know exactly what they will get for listening to you. At first, your Husky will not understand that listening to you will earn them a treat. Once that is established, however, you will find your Husky is more than willing to obey you for a treat.

how to train a husky


Clicker training is another good method to train your husky. For this, you will simply need a clicker and some treats. The clicker has an artificial sound that is heard every time the clicker is clicked. It is a rewarding technique but through this your Husky understands the difference between the good and the bad.

To start, click your clicker, say your command (Such as “Sit), and then give your Husky a treat for completing the action. Once your Husky starts to associate the clicker with something good (The treat), they will eventually start to listen to you using just the clicker.

You may find that clicker training is a more effective training method than just using a treat alone. Essentially, your Husky will start to associate the sound of the clicker with listening to you. When they hear the clicker, they will know that it is time to listen. The science being clicker training comes from Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment.

Leash Train A Husky

Huskies were originally bred as a working dog, used to pull sleds through the tundras of Siberia. Because of this, you may have a hard time if your Husky is constantly pulling at their leash! It is not uncommon for a Husky to want to tug on their leash and run. In addition, Huskies are fiercely independent, and will not like to be controlled.

Fortunately, it is possible to train a Husky to stay on a leash, although it will not be easy. At the end of the day, owners need to understand that Huskies simply want to burn off some of their extra energy. If your Husky does not have a lot of opportunities to run around, they will be much more likely to tug at their leash and run.

Tips For Husky Leash Training:

  1. Make sure that you are able to stay calm when your Husky is acting out. Huskies are an excitable breed, and if you show too much frustration or excitement when your Husky pulls on their leash, they will react the same way. Keeping yourself calm and collected is a great way to keeping your Husky calm as well.
  2. When your Husky starts to pull too much at their leash, try coming to a complete stop, and giving a command such as “Slow down”. This way, your Husky will learn that pulling stops them from getting the thing they want: To run!
  3. As mentioned earlier, you should make sure that your Husky is getting plenty of exercise off of the leash. If your Husky is too restless when not on a leash, they will want nothing more than to run while they are on it. Ensure your Husky gets plenty of exercise and you will find they do not pull nearly as much.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the most important types of training a husky will need. Unlike leash training, potty training is not about having your Husky obey you, but simply about teaching them the proper way to do something. Because of this, your approach to potty training will be different.

To start, you will need to set out a schedule where you can let your Husky outside. While you do not need any certain time in which you take your Husky outside, you should choose the same times every day. For example, taking your Husky out right when you wake up in the morning & right when you’re off work will teach them to hold it until these times.

If you need help potty training your Husky, you should check out our much more thorough post on the subject: How to potty train a husky puppy.

Husky OBEDIENCE Training

Lastly, Husky obedience training will be a vital part of your Husky training regime. As mentioned earlier, Huskies can be a stubborn breed, and may not always be willing to listen to their owners. Because of this, you’ll need to be patient when you train your Husky.

To start, it is a good idea to decide which type of training method you would like to use. It is a good idea to pick a training style and stick with it to avoid confusing your Husky, or having to deal with reteaching your Husky various cues.

Next, you can move onto a particular action you want your Husky to take, or not to take. Fro example, you may be trying to train your Husky to stop running when you say “Stop”. Once you have a particular cue you are trying to teach, you should stick with this cue until your Husky more-or-less has it down. While you may have numerous things you want to teach your Husky at once, sticking to just one cue at a time will help your Husky learn faster and avoid confusion.

As for actually teaching the cue to your Husky, there are numerous various training methods that work well for Husky obedience training. Of course, some are better than others, but there are literally dozens of different methods that will effectively teach your Husky to be more obedient. My personal favorite (Which I used on my own dog) comes from kingdom of pets: Here.

how to train a husky

How To Train A Husky – What Now?

Once you have gotten down what it is you are trying to train your Husky to do, it is time to start working on their training. At this point, the biggest factor is going to be your patience and your consistency. Remember, even though Huskies are a stubborn breed, they are certainly trainable. You are trying to teach your Husky something that is completely outside of their natural instincts. However, Huskies are an intelligent breed, and so they will be able to pick up on new concepts quickly. Be patient and consistent, and you will see progress in your pup!

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