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White Boxer Dogs – Facts To Know About These Cuties!

When most people fall in love with Boxers, they come to love their distinctive brindle coat. You may know, however, that not all Boxers have this color coating. Some Boxers (25% of them, as a matter of fact) are born completely white. Most Boxers will have some amount of white fur in their coat, but a small amount are born entirely white. These Boxers can still be completely purebred dogs, but simply have a genetic variation that changes their coat. In recent years, white boxer dogs have gained popularity. So today, let’s take a look at some fact about these white Boxer dogs!

White Boxer dog facts

Other than appearance, white Boxers will be very similar to Boxers we all know and love. In terms of temperament and personality, both dogs are the same. Both Boxers will have similar nutritional needs, as well. While both types of Boxers are still the same breed, white Boxer dogs do stand out from their brindle counterparts.

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White Boxers Do Not Meet AKC Standards

Even if a Boxer is a 100% purebred dog, it cannot meet AKC standards with an all white coat. In the past, many have criticized the AKC for being overly strict about their standards, especially when it comes to things like natural coat colors of certain breeds. Unless you are thinking of entering your Boxer in dog shows or competitions, this really does not effect you – You can still love your white Boxer the same!

White Boxers can be registered… But their puppies cannot be

Even though white Boxers do not meet AKC standards, they can still be registered as purebred Boxer dogs. However, if a puppy is born to an all-white Boxer, the AKC will not register them. In general, this is to help promote purity of the AKC standards.

white boxer dogs albino

White Boxers are at higher risk for certain health issues

Despite being almost genetically identical to fawn or brindle Boxers, white boxers can develop certain health issues. These include:

  1. A higher risk of developing deafness
  2. A higher risk of developing blindness
  3. Can sunburn more easily (Because a darker-colored coat can protect the skin easier).
  4. More susceptibility to cancer, especially skin cancer. This point is still up for debate, but many researchers have been able to link white Boxers and a higher rate of cancer.

between 25% – 30% of white Boxers are deaf

Because of a lack of pigmentation in their ears, white Boxer dogs have an incredibly high rate of deafness. In fact, this is why breeders typically will not breed white Boxers on purpose. You should also know that many white Boxers will develop deafness overtime. If you’re planning on adopting a white Boxer, be prepared for a high risk of deafness.

White Boxer Dogs Are NOT Albino

Many people assume that white Boxers are simply albino. Again, most of us are more familiar with the brindle-coated Boxer, so it makes sense to assume a white Boxer is albino. However, this is simply not the case. As mentioned before, most Boxers have some amount of white in their coat. White Boxers simply have more white in the genes, causing them to have an all white coat. You can also notice pigmentation in their eyes, stomach, and toes, which you will not find in albino Boxer dogs.

These boxers are typically not born deaf

As you may know, a dog’s ears will remain closed for the first 10-12 days of their lives. After this time, however, almost all white Boxers will be able to hear fine, but will slowly lose their hearing over time. This is due to the lack of pigmentation in their ears, which could eventually cause damage to their cells. After 10 weeks old, however, it should be clear if the Boxer is going to develop deafness in one of both ears.

White Boxers are just as fun and lovable as Brindle Boxers

As mentioned earlier, white Boxer dogs are going to be almost identical to brindle Boxers at their core. Because of this, all Boxer breed info will also apply to white Boxers. If you’re looking to adopt a white boxer, you do not need to worry about any personality surprises – There is not really a difference in this area!

The Case for the white boxer dog

Many people judge white Boxer dogs simply by looking at them – Which really isn’t fair. Some people fall in love with their white color without knowing that they do carry higher health-risks, which can cause problems for owners down the road. Others look at them and see them as “Wrong” because they are not the same as the iconic brindle or fawn Boxers. Both assumptions can be damaging and leave people with a bad sense of the dogs themselves. At the end of the day, they are simply a lovable Boxer that may need some special care!


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